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You may order a print either by adding a print to your shopping cart on the individual print pages or by selecting a print in the Catalog. The Catalog lists all prices.

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Transactions are handled by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you may use your credit card. You may also pay by check with the printable order form, see below.


Upon receipt of your order I will ship within two days. I prefer UPS two-day shipping as the cost is not gross and the print is not in transit and at risk for too long. Certain smaller prints will be sent USPS Priority Mail. Please note that I am a one-man-band. If I am away, for example on a photography expedition, I may get notification of an order but might not be able to do anything about it until I return

If you order more than one print you will only pay for shipping the one that is most expensive to ship. Unfortunately the PayPal shopping cart cannot handle that. You will therefore be charged for shipping each print but I will refund the additional cost.

Shipping Cost variations (unframed):
$24.00: UPS two-day air: Continental United States Average Size: all prints not named below.
$28.00: UPS two-day air: Continental United States Extra Large Size: Petrified Forest 4; Grand Canyon 18; Grand Canyon 19; Black Canyon of the Gunnison 2; Fall, Sand Island; Pinnacles, Valley of the Gods; Cedar Mesa; Rainstorm at Goosenecks; Below Muley Point; Owachomo Bridge; Beth Chatto Garden.
$19.00: USPS Priority Mail: Continental United States Medium Smaller Size: Fall Evening, Rio Grande Valley; Pool above Twin Rocks; Fragment, Valley of the Gods; Rain above Goosenecks; Nidderdale, Dacre; To Glasshouses; White House, Brimham; Mount’s Bay.
$14.50: USPS Priority Mail: Continental United States Small Size: Fry Canyon; Dry Garden; Glendurgan Garden; Woodland Flowers
$8.00:  USPS Priority Mail: Continental United States All ”Small Prints” in Open Editions  

Overseas Shipping
If you are located outside the United States, please do not “ADD TO CART”. The Cart only handles domestic shipping. Please email me with your order and I will calculate shipping costs and send you a PayPal email invoice.  The same applies if you have special shipping needs domestically. info@timothyduffield.com

If you would prefer to place an order by mail and pay by check, print out an order form. You may also place an order by telephone and I will send you a PayPal email Invoice. Try the Philadelphia number initially (regular business hours, please, U.S. Eastern Standard Time); if no reply, try the Utah number (regular business hours, please, U.S. Mountain Time) Have ready the information asked for on the order form.

If you would like me to frame your print:

If you would like to frame your print yourself, or have it framed at a frame shop, go to the Print Care page for advice on ensuring print longevity.

A CD of the Prints is available. The nature of the Web means that the images on display here are of a fairly low resolution and some detail is lost. Much of the appeal of these prints lies in the fine detail. On the CD I have been able to place much larger files which show the images to better advantage. The cost of the CD is $10.00 postage paid worldwide.

If you subsequently purchase a print, I will refund your $12.00.


Timothy Duffield Landscape Images will replace any print that shows any deterioration or color fading for a period of three years following purchase. This is sufficient time to show any incompatibility between ink and paper that would prevent a print display life of over 100 years. This warranty will be void if the print is not stored or displayed in accordance with the care guidelines that accompany each purchased print. If the purchased print is to be displayed, it must be placed under glass or acrylic.
If a print is damaged during shipping, the customer should notify Timothy Duffield Landscape Images and return the print. A replacement print will be provided at no cost to the customer.

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Please do not try to copy my work for reuse and thus jeopardize my ability to make a living. As others have been to me, I will be generous in allowing the use of my material in non-commercial situations (you must request permission, in writing only). If you are interested to use my work in a commercial context,  I would, of course, be happy to enter into discussion about appropriate use and appropriate compensation

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